Thursday, July 18, 2013

1st words!

Roughly a week ago Aiden started saying MaMa!  I told Keith I thought he was calling me, and he was pretty quick to disagree.  Baby babbles jumble together and sometimes it's hard to tell if they are saying real words.  Monday evening my mom flew into town and after putting Aiden to bed she listened and confirmed my original diagnosis!  SO, now I'm all excited cause he calls me all the time, especially when I leave the room.  It's so darn cute. 

MaMa MaMa
The boys, K&A, Geno and Elliot James, mama and I piled into the car Tuesday afternoon and went on a big road trip!  The babies and kitties were outstanding passengers.  The drive was rough the first 12 hours with non-stop rain.  UGH.  Between the clicking of the windshield wipers and clunking of the little trailer the boys never got great rest.  By the 12th hour they were aching to get out of those car seats and roll around.  I pulled off to crash in a hotel and cuddled Kman while AJ tossed himself around the pack'n'play. 

At some point during our road trip adventure Kaleb kicked talking into high gear calling out DaDa, DaDa!  Melts my heart, and I feel so awful they will be away from Keith for a time!

DaDa, DaDa
In the meantime the boys get to have lots of fun playing at their Bma's Colorado Cabin home.  My mom went totally above and beyond setting up an Amazing nursery for them!

It's beautiful here inside and out, and she made it extra easy to move in with all our favorite things we brought from Texas.

It's great to take the twins outside to breath in the fresh mountain air, and pick out new books to read!

Elliot James and Geno Jax, making themselves at home
Tomorrow the boys and I are headed to the market to help sell fun stuff...and we're gonna go shopping too, since I forgot to pack pants for myself!  Whoops.  
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.
A very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the boys honorary Aunt Kerrie!!!  Enjoy your day, we LOVE and MISS you so very much!

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