Friday, July 5, 2013

Stars and Stripes

Yesterday was extra exciting celebrating our great nation and the boys turning SEVEN months!!

Kaleb in stars, Aiden in stripes!

Our home scale is not working properly, so weights are a rough guesstimate at this point.  Mr. Kaleb weighs approximately 16 pounds 4 ounces and Mr. Aiden 17 pounds 6 ounces.

Kaleb consistently sleeps through the night, and a couple nights a week Aiden does the same.  Last night I was shocked they slept through every firework boom!

The boys are still slightly off balance, but are basically sitting on their own!

We are SO happy to be home after our vacation and have settled back into our wonderful routine.  Babies (and Mama) love routine!!  Geno clearly missed the boys and is all about head knocking them and laying close by.  Pretty cute.

This past week we transformed our upstairs living space to a fun-filled play area.  The boys are totally digging all the free space.  We have daily dance parties and wrestle with their water dragons, who also keep them safe!

Besides upgrading our play area, we've also upgraded to highchairs!  Finally something to help keep my guys still.  Aiden climbs the twinz pillow like it's great Mt. Texas and escapes in seconds....and Kaleb flips upside down like it's his job! 

K on Left, A on Right.

The boys love watermelon, bananas and seem undecided with carrots.  We'll see how they do on Monday with homemade sweet potato!  I'm in love with making baby food.  It's SO fun and I can't wait to experiment as their food palette grows.

In no time at all the boys will be able to giggle and enjoy the silliness of my "special" holiday meals, and enjoy all the baked goods I seem to have constantly sitting around the kitchen!

Red White and Blue Pancake Breakfast!
All the cupcakes disappeared SO quickly yesterday, and since I made a huge batch of buttercream icing, another cake is currently brewing in the oven :)  The house smells like birthday two days in a row!

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