Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013


2013 is about to become a year of wonderful, and I look forward to all our special moments with tears of utter happiness!

My 2012 resolution was to get pregnant :)  Not only did I succeed, I was lucky enough to welcome my beautiful gummyboys to the world!

Bringing in the new year was simply magical!  Keith and I enjoyed a glass of champagne and sherbet (YUM), and got the boys successfully milk drunk!  Also, we watched one of the most amazing fireworks displays I've ever seen...from our back porch!!  I'm completely impressed with our neighborhood and their enthusiastic celebration!

I'm happy to say that my emotions have been in check since approximately 2 weeks after the boys arrived.  I cried when my mom left, one night when I couldn't get Aiden to eat and shortly after the fireworks explosion this morning.  Happy tears were flowing as I spent a few minutes dancing with Aiden, who was WIDE awake, and kissng the boys chubby cheeks!  I can't remember ever feeling so full of love!

I wish everyone THAT amount of joy, at some point in their life, in this new year!

Since twenty thirteen will be all about FIRSTS for the boys, I'd like to share photos from their first bath today! Enjoy!

Aiden on left, Kaleb on right
Ready to go splish splash!

Rub a dub-dub, Kaleb in the tub!

Aiden, UGH look at those eyes!!!

Aiden on left, Kaleb on right
They LOVE elephants!  Clean and comfy...I think Kaleb wants to go swimming again ;)

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  1. Only 5 more days until aunt Jess and uncle Nate come!!! i'm so excited to meet the boys!!!!!!!!