Monday, January 14, 2013

Full House

The boys have had a busy life so far!  We've had a full house the past couple weeks, and it's been SOO wonderful!  The gummies are currently 6 weeks old, and growing like weeds...(really awesome weeds, that you don't pick from the yard!)  They just hit their first growth spurt.  We have two 8pounders who completely fill out their newborn footed sleepers!  Aiden's double chin is amazing, and his legs are getting chunky.  Pot bellies are on the way!  I can't believe they are DOUBLE the size they were when we brought them home.

Visiting first this month was Grandpa Eddie and Uncle Ben!  They only had one full day here, so I literally had them holding, feeding and burping babies every minute.  They never had a chance to change out of their jammies.

Ben+Kaleb  Dad+Aiden

They flew out the same day Aunt Julia landed!  Jules brought along "Sprinkles and Cupcake" to meet their cousins.  They would go bump-bump when Aiden or Kaleb would rest on her tummy.  I wonder what they were talking about?  Also, she taught Aiden how to plank, and feed his brother :)

Then Aunt Jessica and Uncle Nate rolled in to join the party!

Cuddle time with Aunties!
Keith came down with a sinus infection, and sounded AWFUL.  I'm particularly thankful for my sisters help cooking, feeding the boys, changing, bathing and holding babies since I grounded Keith from touching them.

The boys have learned that they LOVE their fisher price vibrating lamb chair and swing.  They also totally dig how handsome they look in their newly knit hats from Aunt Jess!

KaleB: "ahhhhhhhh, oooooohhhh, ahhhhhhhh"..this chair feels GREAT!
Aiden, you are too cute for words

I've learned it's becoming increasingly difficult to get things accomplished.  My mommy high has officially expired and I'm starting to feel the exhaustion and crankiness.  Sometimes I feel slightly schizophrenic, trying to sort through being tired, exhilarated and in-love.  I look forward to a time when their tummies are satisfied and happy, sleeping longer than these short 3-hour feeding stretches.

Next up to visit are Great Grandma/Great Grandpa and Grandma Brenda again!  This time I will not forget to take her photo holding BOTH babies!

Loving our hats from Aunt Jess.  4 babies in this photo!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!
Lots of Love

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