Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twinsomnia Part Deux

Holy crying, cuddling, eating, pooping, grunting, vomiting, pumping, bottle washing, laundry....

Cozy and ready to cuddle

One of the top suggestions new mom's receive is "sleep when the baby is sleeping."  BUT, babies do adorable things while they are sleeping...

I just want to stare allll day long!  If I were sleeping I would have MISSED this!

Do not be fooled!  Newborns sleep ALOT, however; they make it seriously impossible for parents to sleep!  Why?  You can either refer back to my little list of items at the beginning of this post, OR, you can chop it up to twinsomnia.  

Keith doesn't think it's too early to teach Aiden how to play baseball.  HAHA

I am one very sleepy mommy.  When I have an hour to rest I realize how hungry I am!  Breastfeeding must burn a gaZillion calories, cause I can eat 3 grilled cheese sandwiches, and if I weren't so tired, I'd probably keep em grilling!

Soaking up some sunshine!  Kaleb likes to give wet kisses

The boys are becoming their own little men more everyday.  Aiden likes to be awake and look around with his GIANT blue diamond eyes!  I like to lay on the couch with him and sing songs and have staring contests...when I should be sleeping!  Aiden seems to despise the hiccups, and that's almost the only time you'll hear him cry.  Kaleb seriously laughs in this sleep....ahhh, I love it!  Sometimes I sit with my video feature ready to record him....when I should be sleeping!

And now I'm blogging, when I should be sleeping!

Looking forward to Thursday.  Since mommyhood is so tiring and busy I'm off to donate my hair to Locks Of Love!

Little shout-out to Kaleb and Aiden's future BFF:

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