Sunday, December 23, 2012


Ready to head HOME at last!
I know we've been home for nearly two weeks, but I wanted to share the memory of the day.  A big thank you to my MOM for being here to welcome the babies to their house, and for taking photos from one door to the other!

Kaleb, slightly fussy, but it was short lived. The boys loved the car seats and stroller ride!
The day was full of sunshine and a great mild temperature.  We had a calm car ride and rocked out to the rolling stones!

SOOO happy to leave the hospital!
Aiden has been a champ, and I'm so thankful we haven't had any additional apnea spells while home!  The first couple nights were slightly frustrating, but I was able to work out a nightly feeding plan, and with additional practice, I'm sure I can manage 2 hour stretches of rest.  Put it all together and I'm probably getting 4-7 hours of shut eye.  It doesn't really compare to my pre-pregnancy sleep habits, but I feel rested and happy.

The boys are really, really wonderful!  I love when they are wide eyed and alert, watching me, the pack'n'play owl mobile, or the wall!  I also love when they are sleeping and smile when I run my finger along their cheek.  Aiden sounds like a car attempting to start when he cries, which I find hilarious and can't stop laughing....and Kaleb grunts and snarls when he eats, which is just too funny!

Aiden....always with the pucker lips!!!
The newborn stage is really wonderful.  The boys are sleepy and rest while I get things accomplished around the house.  My only complaint is that I don't have four arms!  I love to snuggle and wish I could manage both all the time!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season with friends and family!
Happy Hanukkah and Happy Christmas!

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