Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hospital Days

Our hospital stay was a little longer than expected, so I figured I'd share some details and photos of our adventure.

Aiden on Left, Kaleb on Right
Sweet boys!
Although home is SO amazing, it's difficult to deny how special our week 1/2 was in the hospital.  I'll always cherish this first week, when we first met our little men and shared smiles, tears, cuddles and kisses!

Recovery from birth was scary the first two days.  It's utterly unreal what the human body can go through.  The nursing staff was beyond helpful teaching me special care for myself and the gummyboys.

Aiden was a dream to have next to me for those first couple days, before heading to the NICU to chill out with Kaleb.  Our nurse was visiting with Keith and I in the room when Aiden had his first sleep apnea spell.  I thank the angels above for the quick care he received, and wish I hadn't panicked and froze.  Keith called for additional help and within seconds Aiden was regaining color and breathing again.  So scary!  I was discharged as a patient shortly after Aiden was moved.  My nurse found an available sleep room, down the hall from the NICU, for me to stay in to be close to the boys.  I'm so grateful the military provided this option, and permitted my stay free of charge.

Aiden after the big scare
I'm not sure I've ever been so emotionally drained!  Everything brought on tears, but most were drops of joy!  I spent my third night alone in my new room, since I started sending Keith home to get better sleep.  Early in the morning on the 4th day I received a phone call, and best visit ever!  I was brought paperwork explaining how Kaleb was healthy enough to stay in my room with me!  Oh what fun!!

Kaleb, so tiny, getting ready to leave the NICU
From that moment on Kaleb and I bonded, just as Aiden and I had done!  We walked down the hall every three hours to visit his brother.  Both ate together and co-bedded for a short time.  It was wonderful to see them side-by-side!

Kaleb left, Aiden right.  Looking alike!
Mom flew in the night before all three of us were released from the hospital!  What good timing!!  I was keeping my fingers and toes crossed Aiden wouldn't have anymore episodes.  It was so great to see my Mom and introduce her to her first grand babies.  Plus, how special to have her here for our homecoming!  Coming up soon :)

Mom and Keith arrive from the airport, and love, love, love on Kaleb!

Aiden's last days in the NICU!  Ready to go home at last! 

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