Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hospital Bag

I figured this might be a good time to share what I've packed to take to the hospital.  Looking for feedback and recommendations.  Am I forgetting anything important?  Taking unnecessary items?  Let me know your thoughts.

For Mommy/Daddy:

Twinz nursing pillow
Cell phone charger
Slippers and Socks
Comfy clothes (for stay and going home)
Deck of Cards (you never know)

For Babies:

Baby book
Aden + Anais swaddle blankets
Hand-knit hats
Going home clothes
Car seats and Stroller
Wipes/Burp cloths/Changing Pad (things that'll probably always be in the diaper bag)

In other news...
Keith and I are FINALLY discussing names.
Happy Thanksgiving Week!
Gobble.  Gobble.


  1. Hey Girly - so excited for you guys!!! Just happened to see your blog pop up on my facebook so I thought I'd give my two cents :-) Make sure you have nursing bras in with your "comfy clothes" - I didn't wear mine there with my first baby and it was a nightmare trying to get everything started the first time :-( Also may want to grab a couple breast pads in case your milk comes in before you get home - they will more than likely have nipple cream and such for you there if you need it. I wouldn't take a full diaper bag because youll be bringing home so much and everything for the babies will be provided. You may even want to bring an additional tote or duffle for all the stuff you'll be bringing. Everyone will bring you little gifts and goodies in cute little bags but then when you go to leave you realize you only have 2 hands haha. If you are planning to give birth naturally maybe take some massage lotion or a sock with rice in it to massage your lower back. If your hospital does in room pictures consider taking blankets that match the clothes (its not by any means necessary but its fun to do and looks cute lol). Good luck - can't wait to see pictures!!!

    1. Great! Thank you, will add some breast pads to my bag. Haven't picked up nursing bras yet, but will soon! Appreciate the help