Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Greenbrier Garden

Gardening has progressed quite a bit this month here on Greenbrier Drive.

Last year was pretty difficult, but an excellent first year of experience.  We learned mostly about garden pests (remember the slug wars....ahhh) and how water runoff redirection was badly required.  This Spring we ultimately decided the best way to battle standing water was to build up the bed.  Lots of top soil, peat moss and a double doss of garden soil was added after weeding, tilling and expanding.  Our berries were still coming in nicely, and I was nervous to dig them up, but they seem to be thriving.

I decided to take a break this year from zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers.  Last year was so exciting, then so disappointing.  This year I opted for additional herbs, cherry tomatoes, onions, a few different kinds of peppers and snap peas!  In just 4 days of planting some of our seeds, kale-broccoli-spinach and the snap peas have ALL sprouted!!  It's SO exciting.

AJ planting the snap peas, which will grow on the little white trelis
Look at the tiny little green lines all the way to the left!!!  Sprouts!!!

Later this week the green wire is going to replaced with the same screen we used for the door, and I'll need to figure out a net to keep out the birds, who have already helped themselves to a handful of berries.  The inital height of the garden was too much to take in, but it would have served it's purpose in preventing deer from eating our veggies-like last year.  So netting should help stop them as well since I already had Keith shorten the posts.

Also, I remain on the lookout for slug issues and have a copper plan ready to put into action.

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