Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Market Days

The boys and I had a great week leading up to Memorial Day in Pittsburgh.  Jess flew in for a brief visit, but a happy one!  I love the beginning of Spring so much.  The blooms, birds, baby animals and markets!!!!

On our way to PA I pass my favorite market stand right near state lines....and it was finally open for business.  The best asparagus, cherries and strawberries so far of the season.  Seeing all the fresh fruit and veggies hit the stands has me racing to get my garden planted.  First though was Dad's tomato garden!  It was fun to have his dirt under my nails for the first time, and since the boys have been around the past two years to pick his tomatoes, I'm thrilled to have helped from the start.

After we said another sad farewell to Jessica Rose, made another trip to the Home Depot, the boys and I stopped at another local market on our way to Aunt Nan's.  Holy smokes, the honey stand had a neat display of live bees and the boys played with baby goats.  Aunt Nan put AJ to work in kitchen, which was the cutest thing on the planet and cousin Zach introduced the boys to play mobile! 

KMan holding onto PEEP the Pig...he may never let him go

We always have such fun at my Dad's and can't wait to watch more playoff hockey with him next week!!  LETS GO PENS!!!  As you can see above, the boys got some new good luck hats for the FINALS.  

Three cruising guys and their puppy

Thanks to friends and family who came to celebrate Memorial Day with us.  I didn't even know we were having a party, so it was really just tossed together but so much fun!  Today was great to relax and accomplish more planting around the house.  Keith and I finally finished my flower boxes from Mother's Day.  They are SO lovely, and I hope they explode this summer!!!!  Later this week my greenbrier garden will be complete.  We are so close, and the strawberries from last year are already GROWING!!!  

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