Thursday, November 5, 2015

Oh baby

I'm so behind posting lately!  Apologies.  Things have been rather busy and my brain is scattered.

Within the past month life has been much about babies.  3 little pumpkins, one who made her appearance a few weeks earlier than expected!  Sweet Zoe Emerald had an expected arrival the first week of November, where I had planned a mini vacation, away from the boys for the first time.  Since I had the pleasure of taking newborn photos, the trip couldn't be postponed, so the boys adventured to the farm with me.  The day before our trip I was lucky enough to have the day to myself, to share in a great baby shower with my girlfriend Megan and visit with another friend, who had a daughter 5.5 months back, and although I visited, never actually held, hugged, or kissed.  

Back to Kristen and baby Zoe:  It was such a wonderful visit and I got lost in nighttime snuggles!  Kaleb and Aiden vacuumed the house everyday, were VERY impressed with the happenings on the farm and were so happy when we finally let them hold little Zoe.  They were so gentle and Kman gave her a spontaneous kiss which melted my Mama heart.  Our photo shoot could not have been any more adorable, although Zoe did give Kristen the run around for most of the day first.  

We arrived back home just in time for a pumpkin carving party, another baby shower, and trick or treat at great grandmas house.  Our Halloween post up next!!

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