Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor of Love

Almost an entire month has passed without a post.  Sorry for the delay.  Things have been busy and Keith was away for a couple weeks, with the computer.  Every weekend we've been on the go-go-go, and I'll get some past weekend photos up soon.  For now I wanted to share our Labor Day weekend.

Great Grandma Muriel looking simply beautiful
My big sister and the twin cousins were in town so it was an extra exciting weekend!  We ate the best donuts in the whole wide world, visited with gobs of family, picked tons of tomatoes from my Dad's garden, took the babies to the mall on a rainy day and had a nice visit with our Grandparents at their home.  The kids got a kick out of feeding the fish and new toys their GG had ready for play.

Lucie June, the professional relaxer
Chloe and Sophie, the best, most fun big cousins to the "quads"
Love this photo.  Reminds me of Raffi's "down by the bay"
Aiden, Mr. Impatient, needed into that fish food!

Thanks everyone for a great visit and Happy September!

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