Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It seems the boys are learning new things every day.  It's truly amazing to witness how they pick up on subtle things and take off like they've been doing it all along!

Kaleb's newest tricks: dipping the spoon into the food dish AND feeding himself!  If you make a funny face he does it back!!!  My girlfriend Shirelle taught him how to bat his eyelashes.  It's hilarious!  He turns the pages of whatever book he brings me to read.  And for "shits" and giggles, the kid craps on the floor every night, right after dinner and before bath-time. ..a total trick on me.  I think I'm going to start putting him on the potty to see what happens.  And yesterday I swear Kaleb said kitty while petting the Geno Cat.

Race to the bath-tub every night with Dad
Aiden is officially walking!  He still mainly crawls, but every day he shows off how awesome he is.  Today he even walked out the back door, down a step, following me to the porch.

Both K&A cut a top tooth yesterday, making four pearly whites for K and three for A.  We are learning how to brush our teeth.  They both h.a.t.e it!

That's all I have for tonight.  I also wanted to share some nice photos from my Dad's visit with the boys.

We miss him SO much!!!!  Thanks again for our play dates in the park

and helping us plant flowers under our trees!

Teaching the boys how to catch and roll! 
Aiden crawling all over Grandpa Eddie!
If you build it, they will knock it down

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