Monday, November 25, 2013

Party planning

It's been grand fun party planning these past couple weeks.  The boys first birthday is going to be a blast.  I'm SOOO excited my brother and mama are both coming to celebrate!

We currently have a huge dose of cold weather…so the boys get to strut their pens hats!!  I love this.

Before the birthday bash Keith and I are hosting a big turkey dinner at our house.  I'm so excited to share everything on the turkey table with the boys.  I've been introducing foods based off our menu, so hopefully we won't have any allergic reactions.  This past weekend Keith's work hosted a turkey feast, which was a good trial run for us.

Kaleb is such a ham.  The boys hanging with Dad
At Keith's request the boys had a little photo shoot with his motorcycle, before it exchanged owners.  Both liked to play the drums on the gas tank.  K&A won't be allowed on another one…for about 100 years :)

Hope all you turkeys have a great week!

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