Sunday, December 9, 2012


I should be sleeping, well napping, as I've quickly learned sleep does not exist with newborns, but here I am giving you all an update.

Kaleb Jesse Rickel 5pounds 5ounces
Aiden Jake Rickel 4pounds 14ounces

Aunt Jessica wins a special prize!  She was the only one who picked December 4th as the arrival date!  And I win a special prize...cause my first instincts told me it was two boys.  Everyone else went with two girls or one of each.


This past week has been a crazy rollarcoaster of emotions!  I'm not even sure where to begin.  I'm obsessed with our FOUR TINY FEET!!  Those little chapped toes just melt my heart!

Kaleb Jesse
Aiden Jake

I'll share our birth story sometime soon!  I hope to be home with both the boys by the middle of next week!  Aiden is being monitored in the NICU for sleep apnea.  Kaleb and I are living down the hall in a parent sleep room.  Fingers crossed for everyone to go home on Wednesday :)

Oh...and I feel AWESOME!  I LOVE not being pregnant anymore!!
Shortness of breath/gone
Zero bladder control/gone
Leg cramps/gone
Carpel Tunnel/gone

Mommyhood is better than all the candies in the world!


  1. Just amazing Becca!! You and Keith are going to be absolutly fabulous parents!! <3

  2. Hey, I told you at the shower it was 2 boys. :) BTW the heartburn was from the heads of hair on those two precious boys. So glad things are going well, will be praying everyone will get to go home on Wednesday.

    Hows the nursing going? Other than the difference in weight are they identical or fraternal twins?

    Love the names, however for yelling purposes middle names should have two syllables - flows easier off the tongue and lets them know you mean business. Aiden Jacob

    1. Ha, for yelling purposes! We really liked Jacob, but went with Jake to honor the memory of my Grandpa Moidel. We chose Jesse to honor my sister Jessica!! Remember, she is superwoman!

      I forgot you guessed 2 boys too! Congrats to US! The nursing is going AWE-some! I've been tandem feeding the boys all day, which I love cause it gives me an extra hour btn feedings to rest! I have a great lactation consultant, and the nursing staff is SO helpful! The boys are fraternal, yet at this stage could easily pass for identical. Keith wants to mark the bottom of their feet when we get home. A and K! I can tell the difference between them pretty easily tho!


  3. Sounds like you're well on your way! In a few short hours you'll be home with your family and the fun and excitement of parenthood begins. The more Keith is around them he'll know who is who. Remember you had 9 months to get to know them so maybe initials aren't such a bad idea or maybe a ribbon. Just dress them different for a while besides they need their own identities. Blessings on you and your family and may the love of Christ surround and protect you in the days ahead.