Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Shower for Twins

Ended up being such a cute backdrop for gift opening!
This day was so full of love, laughter and creativity bursting in every corner.  My Aunt opened her beautiful home to friends and family and I simply cannot thank her enough!

Everyone involved: Mama, Aunt Nancy, Grandma Muriel and sisters Julia-Jessica-Rachael...thank you all for making this day such a wonderful experience!!!

I LOVE sister pictures!!!!
Slumber party with mama and the sisters!

I am SO excited to share a few shots from the day!  I've been busy incorporating many of the gifts into the nursery, and look forward to showing you how everything turns out.  Can't thank friends and family enough for all the wonderful presents!

The ladies who made it all happen!!  This is a WONDERFUL photo!  Love my Grandma's smile
The gummybears truly got some amazing things!  From water dragons to custom paintings!  They are SOO spoiled and loved.  Keith and I are going to babies'r'us this afternoon to pick up a TON of things.  We received a trillion gift cards and I'm really excited to use them for sweet items that will make me think of the shower.

Just can't get enough poms!

I've never had so much fun writing out thank you notes!  I even kept busy with shower gifts through that grueling diabetic screening.  My sister gave me a really nice baby book for the twins, which I started!  It's really fun!!  

Keith and I brought a few extra bags home, and if you were at the shower...can you believe I got it ALL packed up??  I guess it helps being neurotic and organized, cause I literally found a "spot" for everything!

My girlfriend Megan and niece #1 CHLOE!

Unpacking and organizing was a trillion times more fun.  Hanging clothes in the closet, filling dresser drawers and decorating!  I have a new mommy recommendation:  Get the color catching dryer sheets!  I sadly dyed SOO many things green.  Oh well, c'est la vie! 

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.  Many thanks to all military, past/present/future for serving this amazing country.  Especially my husband!

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