Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love Notes

Happy February!

Things are low-key here in Northeast Ohio.  We have lots of snow, and only one toddler who enjoys the outdoors.  We spend most of our days playing trucks, building puzzles, cooking together, coloring and watching the snow fall.

We're lucky enough to get weekly visits from my brother, which is WAY more fun for the boys than running errands.

This coming weekend I'm going to load up on food/milk and meal prep so the boys and I can have our first run at real potty training.  We've been having SO much success over the past few weeks, so I think this is totally possible.  Keep your fingers crossed for diaper free days ahead.  How cool would that be!?!  

Lots of love to everyone in this heart-filled month!  And on a side-note.  I had to visit my Dr. this past Monday, which is located inside the hospital, and as I sat waiting for my spot in the lab I heard the baby lullaby play......and I cried.

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