Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Life has changed so drastically in the past month.
The boys are doing amazing....and they amaze me everyday.

Looking good boys!  Patriotic for Memorial Day.  Let freedom fly!
Aiden in stars and stripes, Kaleb in blue
They enjoy oatmeal for breakfast now.  I can tell they love it so much more than rice cereal!  Aiden practically keeps his mouth open the entire feeding, ready for the next spoonfull.  He cracks me up!

Hey brother....take that!  HaHa.
K&A are officially rolling front to back, back to front, sideways and all ways!  Aiden is on the verge of crawling.  He pulls his knees all the way up and scoots forward on his head, and Kaleb is finally grabbing his feet, which is capital A-dorable!

This past week drooling and slobber has taken on a world of it's own.  I'm convinced the boys are definitely teething....ugh, and life has been so grand lately!  

I've retired all the 3 month clothing and nightly feeding.  The boys are healthy and able to move forward without the 5am bottle.  So they eat 730, 1130, 330 and 730.  Bath, story and bedtime has been moved up an hour, which almost entirely cancels the nightly cranky baby headache.  Now they go to bed by 830 and my nights are free to play in the kitchen, visit with friends, watch the playoffs and r.e.a.d.....whhhhaat?  

MMM.  First batch of Mango Salsa this Summer!
I'm so proud to be a mother of multiples and find the time to pick up a book!  One of my favorite authors, Khaled Hosseini, has released a new story which I couldn't grab off the shelf fast enough.

We are getting comfortable in the pool and preparing for our beach vacation next month.

The boys friend Ryan, all the way from Boston, sent a surprise package with these awesome whale hats!!  THANKS AGAIN RYAN!!  His mama knew I was on the hunt for beach hats, and these are PERFECT!

Aiden...such a cutie!!
 I can't wait to be with family again...even if it takes ANOTHER flight to get there.

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