Thursday, October 25, 2012


Keith is b.a.c.k. (he was delayed a day, but arrived stateside last Friday night)
Tomorrow I leave for the city of bridges!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday we had a checkup, to make sure we are on track to fly.  All looks GREAT.  They are both symmetrically grown weighing 3 lbs...little chunkers.  Finally found out my diabetic one-hour screen did come back slightly high (boo), and I need to have another test run.  Next Friday I'll be a cranky mama!  I'll need to fast for 14 hours and be on a diet for 3 days prior.  I think this will be my first diet ever.  I don't even follow lactose intolerance guidelines.  AWFUL WAFFLE.  

Gummybear A

I was happy to have another sonogram, so Keith could see how much the two have changed, and to figure out why I'm having crazy pressure under my ribs.  Turns out both gummies are head down and ramming their little feet in unpleasant places.  I need to rent more room for them... anyone know a realtor who can help?  I had the same technician as last visit, who got slightly better at taking pictures.  Maybe next time we'll get a good profile of both kids.

How far along? 29 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: 30 pound gain
Maternity clothes: An undershirt from GAP…40% off (fluffy clouds)
Stretch marks? None, although my veins are CRAZY bright blue.  Sometimes I think they are stretch marks.
Sleep:  It’s hard to share the bed with Keith.  I almost knocked him off his first night home.  In the morning he asked “what did you hit me with, belly or butt?”  hahaha
Best moment this week: Having Keith come home, and packing up for DA BURGH
Miss Anything?  I’m about to miss Geno and Elliot James!  Poor kitty babies
Movement: Yup.  Gummybear A (the bigger one) likes Bach, or anything with cellos!  Cool, right?
Food cravings: I’ve been digging sour cream and onion Pringles. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating dinner at 1130pm.  Not recommended.
Gender prediction: Seriously, no clue.
Labor Signs: None
Symptoms: Acid reflux.  Leg cramping/discomfort.  Feet in the ribs syndrome

Belly button in or out? Starting to push o-u-t (a bit)
Happy or Moody most of the time: SO happy!
Looking forward to:  HOME!  PRIMANTI!!!!!!  SNOW!

Off to pack..  Can't wait to see everyone and post pictures of the shower!!!  Everyone have a great weekend!

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